Fundamentals of every map

Regardless of the project, A Better Map follows some core fundamental values as often as possible. We believe that these provide a minimum baseline on which to build truly useful and engaging interactive maps.

Your project, your style

Interactive maps should be as unique as their owner, so customization is an essential concept in the maps we provide. We focus on what looks and feels right for your project or brand instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. Take a look at Sheridan Community Land Trust, for example, to get an idea of how customized and unique these maps can be.

Your project, your data

Since you understand your project best, your data should always be in your hands. We can work with you on creating a workflow to control your own content whenever you need, including:

  • Map layers
  • Descriptive text and other written copy
  • Media such as photos, video, or linkable PDFs

Your data formats can be flexible as well, including GIS, spreadsheets, and cloud storage. Whatever the format, we will make sure it is comfortable and maintainable for your project and technical skill level.

Mobile-friendly, mobile first

Mobile devices have become so ubiquitous in modern society that they cannot be overlooked when designing digital products. A Better Map strives to create responsive, mobile-friendly maps that look great and work swimmingly across the ever-growing landscape of screen sizes and web browsers.


While high-speed internet has improved over the years, there is still no room for sloppy coding or neglect of best practices when it comes to web performance. A Better Map creates optimized interactive maps to meet the impatient demands of "Generation Distractible", and we strive to write good code that will satisfy their children in "Generation Extremely Distractible".