Types of maps we provide

Interactive maps come in all shapes and sizes. The following sections outline the main types of products and services we provide. Reading is hard.

Standalone interactive web maps

A Better Map develops standalone web maps such as the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail. This type of map is more suited to live on its own rather than inside an existing web page. Standalone maps offer a greater degree of map capabilities and development freedom, so they make a great choice for more complex projects.

Map integration into an existing website

In addition to standalone maps, we also develop interactive map projects that make more sense inside an existing website. Although similar to the concept of standalone maps, integration may require other steps to bring a new map into your existing setup. One benefit of integration includes being able to match the rest of your site's style and overall message or theme.

Upgrades and conversions of existing maps

Do you already have a map that you would simply like to upgrade? Whether it is a PDF, image, or even a basic web map that just needs some love, we can transform whatever you've got into something more interactive that your users will appreciate.

WordPress map plugins

The most popular content management system on the web, WordPress is used by over 35% of the internet. WordPress plugins open up a lot of doors in terms of interactive map development, so if your site is using that platform then we would be interested in developing a custom plugin for you.

Basic interactive maps

While we specialize in advanced interactive maps, they may be overkill for smaller projects (and smaller budgets). That said, we also offer simpler solutions that do not require the time and coding found in larger projects. The result is a more basic product with no way to query features, filter data, or dynamically display your map layers, but this may be all your project requires!