Why A Better Map?

A Better Map brings together GIS, web programming, and all the moving parts in between. We provide customized solutions for a variety of industries.

One-stop shop

No need to keep looking for a GIS company and a web shop- you've come to the right place. A Better Map's expertise in both disciplines means the best of both worlds (geography pun intended).

Small company, big experience

We are a member-owned small business run by a lead developer with over a decade of GIS knowledge and more than six years of programming experience. Think less "marketing department" and more "make me a modern map".

From paper to production

Starting from scratch or already have your foot in the map door? Starting an interactive map project can be a daunting task, but it doesn't need to be. We'll walk you from planning all the way to the web map finish line.

Best practices

Not sure where your project will be in five years, or even five months? From starting point to finished product we strive to follow best practices and techniques to future-proof your project:

  • Your data in your hands. No one knows your project like you do. Your data is the core of your message so it should be conveniently available for you to control and modify as needed.
  • Responsibly responsive. We believe in a mobile-first approach whenever possible. With so many devices on the market today it is wise to design for tomorrow, and this includes high-quality products that work great on screens from mobile to monitors.